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Anti-Bullying Competition

Have a go at drawing a picture about how bullying makes you feel! Your drawing could be in the new video from Zeamu Music 'Beat the Bullies, that you can hear on the homepage now!

Thunderbirds Are Go Competition

Thunderbirds Are Go! Download their F.A.B activity sheet to be in the chance of winning some great prizes!

Your Comments

Pearl, age 9:

"Who ever created the webpage,i just love it! It helped me a lot with my homework especially the Timetables in Space!"

We are so happy that you love Squizzes just as much as us! We hope that we are still helping you with your homework!

Michaela, age 10:

"I love the sea life creatures memory game, it's so fun. I LOVE the games!"

We're really glad you love the games, we think they're fun as well, Michaela!

Hannah, age 11, wanted to know:

"Why don't you do more competitions?"

We try and get as many cool competitions up on Squizzes as we can, check out the Competition Page for our newest one!

Christopher, age 8 from Thorntree Primary wants to know:

"What did the Ancient Egyptians do 500 years ago?"

Brilliant question Christopher! Check out our Ancient Egypt Fast Facts for lots of fun info!

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