What animals can you find in the Jungle?

The jungle is the perfect environment for many animals as the jungle has a warm temperature with a lot of trees and plants. The forest in a jungle is not as thick as a rainforest which means there is more sunlight that can get to the ground.

You can find some amazing weird and wonderful animals in the jungle see if you know any of them!

Anteaters – they have really long tongues so that they can eat insects in hard to reach areas, it can grow between 20- 24 inches!

Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

Bonobo – is a human’s closest relative, they are the most kind and social of the monkey family!


Koala – the koala bear is not actually a bear, it is not related to the bear species.


Lemur – they are very impressive jumpers sometimes being able to jump 30 feet in the air!

Ring-tailed lemur in Madagascar

Gorilla – they live in the Congo Jungle and are the largest primates in the world! Learn more about the Congo here


Orangutan -The orangutan is the only great ape native to Asia. Learn more about the Borneo Jungle here.


Tigers – Even though Tigers are a part of the cat family they love water and you can usually find them in the rivers of Asia swimming and playing. Learn more about the Indian Jungle here.


Jaguar - The jaguar is the third-largest living feline species, after the tiger and lion. Learn more about the Amazon where the Jaguar lives here. 

Jaguar (Panthera onca)

There are hundreds of different animals and insects that live in jungles, see how many more you can learn about!

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