Weird Facts on Astronauts

Astronauts have the super cool job of going to space! There's a lot to find out about our solar system and astronauts have to make sure they're prepared for their extraordinary journey. Read on to find out some seriously cool facts on astronauts! 

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80% of astronauts experience space adaptation syndrome- when they come back to earth, their brains are confused by the change of atmosphere. These astronauts will feel very unwell and dizzy, they may drop objects because they're use to being able to let go of objects in space and have them float rather than fall to the ground!


astronaut sleeping

When astronauts sleep in space they have to strap themselves to a bunk or use a sleeping bag that is strapped to a wall so they don't float around and bump into things while they're asleep.


In space there is less airway obstruction, an astronauts tongue and jaw doesn't fall back in their throat so they are less likely to snore.





Without gravity, astronauts can grow taller by five- eight centimetres! But this sudden growth may mean they experience backache.  



The longest time an astronaut has stayed in space on one trip was Dr Valeri Polyavak who stayed there for 14 months!





Astronauts train in swimming pools in their spacesuits to practice spacewalking and test equipment before heading out to space. Because you float in water, doing things like walking and carrying objects in a swimming pool feels a lot like it would on space. 

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By accident, the Apollo mission brought a cockroach into space. cockroach
The astronauts noticed the little critter but after careful inspection upon return to earth,
couldn’t find it again.

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