Trafalgar Day Fast Facts

The basics...

What? - The anniversary of victory at The Battle of Trafalgar.
When? - The battle ended in 1805. The anniversary is celebrated every year on 21 October.
Who? - The Battle of Trafalgar happened between Britain, France and Spain. Admiral Horatio Nelson led the British, Napoleon led France & Spain.
Why? - Napoleon Bonaparte was determined to invade Britain, this led to the battle.

Admiral Nelson had a fleet of 27 ships against 33 ships from the combined navies of the French and Spanish.

The British Royal Navy ships were built from wood, powered by sails and armed with cannons!

Nelson fought the battle from the HMS Victory where he was also shot by a French marksman and died just after they won the battle.

There are many statues of Nelson, the most famous being Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square in London.

The men involved in the battle weren't very old, some weren't even men! Around 270 boys aged between 10 & 14 went to help.

If a man was injured in battle, there were no antiseptics or anaesthetics available.  If they had to remove a limb (an arm or leg) the men were given a leather gag to bite down on.

Every year, the Sea Cadet’s march across Trafalgar Square in the National Trafalgar Day Parade.  The Royal Navy also hold a ceremony on the HMS Victory in Portsmouth.

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