Thunderbirds Are Go Competition

Attention all International Rescue Recruits do you want to win the latest Thunderbird goodies? 

This competition is now closed but the F.A.B activities can still be downloaded! 


To enter, download and print off the Thunderbirds Are Go activity sheet and design your very own Thunderbirds vehicle and then send it to our freepost address. As well as the awesome competition, there are lots of fun activities you can do! What are you waiting for, get the sheet on the link below!

Click here to download and print your copy of the Thunderbird Are Go! Activity Sheet! 

Finished the Activity sheet? Find out the answers here! 

Our freepost address:

Thunderbird Are Go Competition, JazzyMedia Ltd, FREEPOST 26SEA2940, LONDON, W1E 5DS

Click here to read the Thunderbirds Are Go Terms and Conditions

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