‘The Ashes’ Fast Facts

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and is played in over 130 countries!

Cricket was first played in the 16th Century (from what we can find anyway!)

A cricket ball is made of cork and layered with tightly wound string and then covered with leather.

There are fielding positions in cricket called Silly Mid on, Fine Leg and Gully .

‘The Ashes’ is a series of cricket matches played between England and Australia.

The Ashes happen every 4 years in England and every 4 years in Australia.

The Ashes as we know it started in 1882 when Australia beat England on English ground for the first time.  ‘The Sporting Times’ newspaper pretended that English cricket had died.

Later that year in Australia the English team were given an urn that contained 'the Ashes of English cricket', (that's where the name came from).

No matter who wins the series, the Ashes urn always remains in the Lord’s Museum in London.

If a series is drawn both teams get the same amount of points), the country that won the last time keeps it!

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