Rugby World Cup Facts

rugby stadium

rugby ballThe first Rugby World Cup was on 22nd May 1987.

rugby ball The Rugby World Cup is contested every four years. 

rugby ballThere are a total of 48 matches.

rugby ballRugby World Cup 2015 has 13 venues.

rugby ballThis year the Rugby World Cup will last for 44 days.

rugby ballThere are 600 Rugby World Cup players.

rugby players

rugby ballThe tallest rugby player is 6 ft 6 inches (1.98 metres) in this years' Rugby World Cup. rugby player with ball

rugby ballThe same whistle is blown for the opening game of every Rugby World Cup tournament. It was first used in 1905 by a Welsh referee during a game between England and New Zealand.

rugby ballThere are four sets of brothers competing in this years' Rugby World Cup. England has two of them with the Vunipola brothers Billy and Mako as well as the Young brothers Ben and Tom. Scotland has the Gray brothers Jonny and Richie. Samoa has the three Pisi brothers in the same team - George, Tusi and Ken.

rugby players 2

rugby ballThere are 2.3 million tickets for fans of rugby to join in and watch the Rugby World Cup game at a stadium.

rugby ballTwickenham Stadium is 106 years old!rugby ball

rugby ballThere are 20 teams playing in the Rugby World Cup.

rugby ballLast time England won the Rugby World Cup was in 2003, they scored 20 points against Australia who scored 17.


rugby ball2015 is the first time England is hosting the Rugby World Cup.

rugby ballThe fastest try so far in the Rugby World Cup 2015 is 75 seconds. 

rugby ballNo team has ever won the Rugby World Cup two times in a row. 

rugby ballThe largest winning margin in a match was Australia v Namibia in 2003, with a score line of 142-0.

rugby ballThere are 15 players for each team in the game.

rugby ballThe youngest rugby player in this years’ Rugby World Cup is 18 years old.

rugby ballThe oldest player in 2015’s Rugby World Cup is 38 years old.

rugby ballThe match lasts for a total of 80 minutes, split into two halves. 

rugby ballThe winning team takes home the Webb Ellis Cup! The cup is named after William Webb Ellis who is said to have invented the rugby game.
rugby rose

rugby ballThe England rugby team has a red rose on their shirt. 

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