Rugby Union Fast Facts

Rugby Union is one of the most popular games around the world. Here are a few fun facts about the game and it's history.

According to legend, rugby was created in 1823 at Rugby School in Warwickshire. Apparently during a football game student, William Webb Ellis picked up the ball and started running with it.

The oldest rugby club in the world is Dublin University Football Club. Founded in 1854.

The United States are the world's reigning Olympic Rugby champions; they took the gold medal in 1924 when rugby was last played at the Olympics.

The first ever rugby game took place between Scotland and England. (Scotland won!)

Rugby balls are oval because they used to be made using pig bladders which were oval shaped when inflated.

A try is called a try because originally you crossing the line meant you could 'try' for a kick at the goal.

Just like the naughty step if a player misbehaves and gets a yellow card in rugby, they are sent to the 'sin-bin'. This is a place on the sideline where they stay for 10 minutes to think about what they have done!

The 2011 World Cup was the biggest sporting event ever to be held in New Zealand.

Rugby is the national sport of 3 countries; Wales, Madagascar and New Zealand.

Basketball is said to have been started by a rugby coach in 1891; he wanted an indoor sport to keep his players fit during the winter.

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