Prehistoric Britain

Prehistoric Britain was a period of time before the Romans conquered Britain and it became a part of the Roman Empire in AD 43.

The early humans that lived in Britain during this period survived by hunting animals and living off of the land eating various plants and berries.

They slowly began to learn skills, for instance herding animals and growing crops. They would make tools out of animal bones and rocks. Prehistoric people could not read or write but they were very good builders.

Their tombs, forts and monuments have survived for thousands of years and can still be found today.

The reason that we know so much about Prehistoric Britain is due to archaeologists as they look at the evidence to make up a picture of the past and what type of people that lived in that era.

The Prehistoric era is split into three ages:

Stone Age - during the Stone Age there was a lot of changes, as people began to learn skills and how to farm. The introduction of farming into Britain wasStone age family the result of a huge migration from across the channel it took 2000 years for the idea of farming to spread across Britain! This era was call the Neolithic revolution before this their was a Mesolithic era where instead of people farming they would follow animals, birds and fish which they hunted around the country. The Neolithic houses were usually rectangular thatched building made from timber and the walls would be made from a clay and cow dung!


Bronze Age - They began to mine for copper and use more metals in their tools and jewellery, they would live very much like the people of the Stone Age.

stone age wall drawings

Iron Age - During the Iron Age people began to live in tribes there was 27 main tribes that lived in Britain led by warrior kings, there were many fights for land at this time between the different tribes. They began using iron to make weapons that would use in battle. Unlike before people now began living in hill forts to try and keep their tribe safe from attacks. As more people were coming to settle in Britain they brought with them poetry and music.

OLD OSWESTRY hill fort

The prehistoric age came to an end when the Romans invaded Britain. Many of the tribes retreated to Cornwall, Wales & Scotland and carried on with their Celtic traditions instead of following the Romans way of life. However some tried to stay on their land and learn to live with the Romans.

There are many records from the Romans that the British warriors were very fierce in battle that would ride chariots into battle and that they would paint their faces to make themselves look scary.


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