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The Police are here to help us when we're out and about and when we are at home. They work very hard to keep crime down and protect the public.

History of the British Police

Types of Police

Some strange laws

History of the British Police

police hat bulletThe first organised police force (The Metropolitan Police) was set up by Sir Robert Peel in 1829.

police hat bulletThe Bow Street Runners were the first professional police force in Britain.

police hat bulletBefore the Bow Street Runners, there used to be constables and night watchmen. There were also different types of policing all the way back to Roman times.

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police hat bulletSir Robert Peel was the founder of the Metropolitan Police and came up with the Peelian Principles. These were rules that he thought would encourage the police to be the best they could be.

block 1Every police officer should have an ID number; this is so each officer is responsible for their actions.

block 2Arresting a lot of people does not make you the best police force, having the least amount of crime makes you the best.

block 3Trust and accountability are the most important part of policing.


police hat bulletUntil the 1990’s men had to be at least 5”8 tall and women 5”4 tall to be a police officer.

police hat bulletPolice officers in the UK will usually have: an airwave radio, a baton, handcuffs and body armour. Only special kinds of police will carry guns or other weapons.

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Different types of British Police
Territorial Police

Territorial police are in charge of a territory - ‘a specific area’. The Greater Manchester Police look after people in the Greater Manchester area. The Metropolitan Police and City of London Police forces look after London.

Other Types of Police

Special police forces don’t work in one area but cover a part of society. The British Transport Police for example are in charge of the railways across the country; this includes trains, trams and the underground.

police hat bulletThe Metropolitan Police Force is the largest force with over 30,000 officers.

police hat bulletThe smallest force is the Civil Nuclear Constabulary with just over 700 officers.

police hat bullet The Civil Nuclear Constabulary is responsible for policing nuclear facilities (like power stations).

Strange Laws in the UK

police hat bulletIt's illegal to ‘wilfully and wantonly’ disturb people by ringing or knocking on doors. This includes games like Ding Dong Ditch & Knock a Door Run.

police hat bulletSince 1313 it is illegal to enter Parliament wearing a suit of armour.

Around the World

police hat bulletChewing gum has been illegal in Singapore since 1992.

police hat bulletIt is illegal to have a pet snake, lizard or turtle in Iceland.

police hat bulletIn China people are only allowed to have one child, having any more will get you fined.

police hat bulletBirths and deaths are not allowed in Itsukushima, Japan as it is believed to be too sacred.

police hat bulletIt is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a footpath in Australia.

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