Pirate Trivia

In the olden days, Pirate was spelt differently. It was spelt Pyrate, Pyrat, or even Pirat!

So what does the word Pirate mean?

To be a pirate is to commit a crime or robbery whilst at sea.

The golden age of Piracy was from the 1650's to the 1730's. This was when there were many pirates sailing the seas! Pirates are still around today and they are most common in the Caribbean.

If you wanted to become a pirate, you had to sign an agreement or article before you were allowed to join the crew. Different groups of pirates had different articles, each one would say when the pirates would be paid, their behaviour expected (no fighting unless you are on land) and lots of other pirate rules!

Do you know what the Jolly Rodger is? It is the pirate flag and it looks like this! It was designed to scare away enemies.

Pirates pierced their ears with gold and silver because they believed it helped them to see better.

Sometimes Pirates had to be out to sea for a very long time. This meant that they would run out of food. They often ended up eating dry crackers covered in beetles. YUCK!

Because of the lack of food, Pirates often got the disease caused scurvy! Pirates knew when they were getting scurvy because their teeth kept falling out, their skin went pale, their legs got fat and they had to keep running to the toilet!!

If a Pirate was caught by the navy, he was in a lot of trouble! Some pirates were hung in front of a big crowd; others had their heads chopped off!

Sometimes the government would put pirate heads on sticks as a warning to the public about what would happen to them if they chose a life of piracy.

Having girls on board was thought to be very bad luck for pirates!


Pirates believed that if you whistled whilst on a ship, it would cause a thunderstorm!

Almost all pirates stole ships instead of buying them!

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