Parrot Facts!

There are over 370 different species of parrot around the world, you can mostly find these brightly coloured birds in tropical climates, a tropical climate is where the weather is usually hot but there is still a lot of rainfall and plant life. This climate makes it a perfect place for parrots to live as they can make their homes high up in the trees and there is a lot of food for them to eat.

Sulfur-crested cockatoo

Here are a few amazing facts about these colourful birds!

Parrots are known to be one of the most intelligent species of bird.

You can have a conversation with a parrot – well sort of – parrots are very good at imitating humans voices as in the wild they use this as a defence tactic, so if a snake tries to attack them they will use the voice of a larger bird to scare it away!

A parrot’s diet is quite varied it can include: seeds, fruit, nectar, flowers and sometimes small insects.Parrot 3

Some parrots have been known to live for 80 years!

ThParrot 1ese birds are the only species to be able to eat with their feet.


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