National Screenwriters Day

On January 5, when the credits roll on your favourite show or movie, admire the writers on National Screenwriters Day!

You’ve probably heard of Steven Spielberg, the great director, who is known for Saving Private RyanRaiders of The Lost Arc, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

But do you know that Spielberg didn’t write any of those movies? They were all written by the screenwriter (Robert Rodat, Lawerence Kasdan, and Melissa Mathison respectively).

Inside the industry, these screenwriters are well known for their ability to crack the story, create great roles for actors, and write memorable dialogue.  But there are also writers in living rooms all around the world, tapping away at their keyboards, writing what could be the next breakout movie.

Listen to what Ryan Reynolds said when he received the award for Best Actor.

“I’d like to take this chance to thank the screenwriters,  everywhere. It is a hugely undervalued asset in Hollywood. They are the architects. They make us look good.”
– Ryan Reynolds accepting the 2016 Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actor

So why haven’t we heard of these creative souls?

You will…starting now…with National Screenwriters Day

Are you the world’s next big screenwriter?

Pick up your pen, make your imagination flow and write a story, describe a character; how they look, feel and even speak or why not create your own brand new world.

Get creative and then share it with your friends!

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