LEGO City Arctic Expedition Competition

The LEGO® City Arctic Expedition Maps are now available to download and you could be in with the chance to WIN some fantastic prizes for you and your school!

There are also some fun role play missions such as building a LEGO base camp while wearing mittens or a pair of socks over your hands - to simulate life in the Arctic! Or you can learn more about Mike Libecki -  the real life National Geographic Explorer who has done over 30 expeditions to the Arctic!

If you're the star-prize winner, world famous polar expert and National Geographical Explorer Paul Rose will visit your school and tell you and your friends all about his adventures in the Arctic!

The winner will receive all 7 LEGO Arctic Expedition sets. Plus the winner and everyone in their class will receive a six-month subscription to National Geographic Kids magazine.

The winners' school will also scoop a whopping £3,000 to spend on STEAM funding! Plus the class will win LEGO Boost - a special LEGO robot kit that helps you learn how to code and a LEGO Arctic Truck. Combining the two sets together you can create an awesome codable vehicle - the truck will move, lift objects and even recognise colours.

Runners up prizes - Twenty additional runners-up will each scoop a LEGO Arctic Scout Truck, AND a six-month subscription to National Geographic Kids.

For your chance to win, we want you to create an awesome Arctic scene for a LEGO minifigure to explore.

You can either build a 3-D scene using LEGO, household items and art supplies or draw, paint or collage a scene. So get creative! Your scene can include Arctic Animals, science equipment, labs or vehicles and show some of the challenges an explorer can face! Remember you can do this on your own or with your class!

Once you have drawn or taken a photo of your entry, simply send it to our freepost address - don't forget to include your name, address, email and school address and a short description of the scene:

LEGO Arctic Competition
c/o JazzyMedia Ltd

Or email a photo of your scene to with 'LEGO Arctic' in the subject line.

The competition is open to all chidlren aged 12 and under who are resident in the UK. Only one entry per person. Both individual and class entries are accepted (where a teacher enters on behalf of their class). The competition closes on 29th October 2018 so make sure to get your entries in soon!

Click here for full competition terms and conditions.

Click here to download your LEGO® City Arctic Expedition Maps!

There are lots of fun activities you can do to learn about the Arctic! We also have some great posts about the Arctic to help you get inspired!

And you can learn more about LEGO Arctic Expedition adventures by visiting LEGO here.

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