Learn to Juggle

The Madagascar Penguins think juggling is great fun! Why not give it a try by following these easy steps?

Don't worry if you can't juggle straight away - practice makes perfect!

Before you can learn to juggle you need to find 3 items which are roughly the same size and weight - balls, beanbags, apples and oranges are all great to use.

Firstly, try juggling one ball with two hands.  Try to throw the ball high enough so that it is level with your eyes.

Have you noticed that it is easier to throw and catch the ball in one hand than it is the other? This better hand is called the DOMINANT hand. Your other hand is called the SUBORDINANT hand.

Now pick up 2 balls - practice throwing from your subordinate hand to your dominant hand. Just before you catch the ball in your dominant hand, try and throw the other ball.

Are you ready for juggling with 3 balls? Hold one ball in your dominant hand and 2 in the  subordinant hand.

When you are ready, throw 1 of the 2 balls into your subordinate hand. Just like before,  return the ball in your dominant hand - but this time, when you catch the returned ball try to also throw the ball in your subordinate hand.

Keep practicing these steps and gradually throw the balls faster and faster.

Can you juggle yet? If not, don't worry - keep practising and have fun!

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