International Women In Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED for short) is a day that celebrates women working in ‘engineering’. Engineering is a title that is used to describe lots of different jobs that include being able to fix problems, create exciting new products and technologies and generally make sure things work!

Engineering is in everything we do and to be honest we think that’s pretty cool. The problem with engineering in the UK is that there just aren’t enough girls and women choosing to do it as a job. Engineering is for everyone and will open your eyes to all sorts of opportunities – whether you want to keep people healthy by doing something like making sure we all have fresh drinking water, working on jet planes to keep people safe in the sky, or something much more futuristic we perhaps haven’t even dreamed about yet!

INWED is a day for everyone – boys and girls included, and it takes place on 23 June every year. It’s your chance to have a look at how women can, and have, changed the world. Ask your teacher to let you take part in the ‘Draw an Engineer’ competition or just have a go yourself and ask an adult to send your entry in for you. You could win one of Kate Pankhurst’s lovely books! Competition closes 25 June 2018.

There are some amazing jobs in engineering, why not have a look for yourself at some of the women who have inspired us in the past and present, perhaps you could do some research of your own to find some new pioneers?

We hope you will be able to do something to celebrate INWED this year!


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