Fun facts about the world!

Here are some great fun facts about the world! Test yourself and see how many of them you remember!

Where is the highest mountain in the world?

  • The Himalayan Mountains are the highest in the world.

    Evening view of Ama Dablam

    The Himalayan Mountains

Which continent has the most countries? 

  • Africa includes 54 countries.

What is the smallest country? 

  • The Vatican is the smallest country.

Which is the world's largest ocean? 

  • Pacific Ocean

Which is the planet's longest river? 

  • The Nile

What is the tallest Mountain?

  • Mount Everest in the Himalayas

The Dead Sea - did you know that the dead sea has so much salt in it that you can float!

What is the lowest point on the earth’s surface?

  • The Dead Sea lies 409 metres below sea level.

Where is the world's highest waterfalls?

  • Angel Falls in Venezuela

What is the most spoken language in the world?

  • Mandarin Chinese

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