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Dance has been around for a really long time and it's popular all around the world! Many dance styles have influenced modern dance. Read on to learn more about it!conga dance

couple dancing eyesA world record for the longest conga dance line was set by 119,986 people in Miami in 1988.

The foxtrot was invented by Harry Fox in 1914.

In 1923, Michigan, passed a law forbidding dancers to stare into each other's eyes.

First evidence of dance comes from the 9 thousand year old cave paintings in India.

Ancient Greeks and Romans annually celebrated with several days long festivities filled with dance.

Modern dance history in Europe started with Renaissance, when many new dances were invented. After that, periods of Baroque, post French Revolution, Elizabethan era, World War I, Prohibition, Ragtime and pre-WWII brought many new waves of dance styles.

Waltz is one of the most popular dances today, it became popular in the mid-19th century because of the famous composer Johann Strauss, but its origins goes back to the distant 16th century.guy dancer

kids dancingFamous modern dance the Cha-Cha originated from Cuba.

Famous energetic ballroom dance the can-can, which is performed by the row of female dances in long skirts originated from the 1830s Paris ballrooms.

Origin of tap-dancing comes from the tribal dances in Africa.

Dancing with metal tap shoes became popular in United States during 1920s and 1930s. One of the most famous tap-dancing duos of that time were the Nicholas brothers.ballroom dancers

The polka dance was popular with young women who liked to jump, hop and turn swept across the world in mid-19th century.

First ballroom dance that was ever created was the Italian Viennese Waltz.

Some popular Greek dances include the Geronos which is one of the few dances in which children dance together, no adults allowed! Another Greek dance is the Epilinios, where dancers dance on grapes and crush them with their feet! One of the very greatest Greek dances is the Iporchima which is used in theatres and involves combining dance and pantomime! 

couple danceIn some regions of India, dancers wear heavy bells on their ankles to emphasize the rhythms of their feet. They can wear up to 100 bells on each ankle!

Professional dances are today regarded as athletes.

Dancing is very beneficial to your health. It improves brain function because of the constant presence of music.


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