Beat the Bullies competition

Mina, Zac and Eva are worried about Aki as he has not been himself and they want to find a way to help him! The 4 Zeamu friends feel very strongly that is bullying is wrong and want to do something about it.

Being bullied can be very sad, stressful and lonely, it can make school an unhappy place to be. Aki now doesn't want to go to school and just wants to stay in bed.

Aki in bed

So, we’re are asking you to get creative and send in your drawings to help Aki talk about his feelings.  Draw a picture to show how people might feel when they are being bullied. What does bullying mean to you? What do you think it looks like?


Aki is already feeling so much better knowing that his friends are helping him!

The winners will get their drawings made into in a video with the band for their new single "Beat the Bullies" that you can see on the homepage now.

Click on Aki and Eva to take you to hear more of the great songs from Zeamu Music!

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Make sure that you include, your name, address and contact information 

The closing date February 9th 2018

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Zeamu Music Anti-Bullying Competition 

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