Be an Online Safety Whiz

Playing online is great fun but do not forget that the internet is a big place and it is important to know how to keep safe. Follow these top tips to become an online safety whiz!

 Never put your last name, your address or your phone number on a website!

Sitting with an adult is a great way of making sure you keep safe whilst surfing the net.

It is very easy for everyone to download and share photographs online, so it is best not to upload any photos of yourself, just in case someone you don’t know finds them.

Lots of sites need you to have a password. Make sure you do not share your password with anyone, just in case they pretend to be you.

A great way to stay safe is to tell a parent or a teacher which websites you are using. This way they will always be there to help if you need it.

Do not forget that some people lie about who they are online. Someone could say that that they are the same age as you, but they might be much older.

Finally, never meet up with someone you have met online.

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