All About Eagles

How much do you know about eagles? Here are some cool facts all about these amazing birds!

Eagles have very large pupils so they are able to spot their prey from far away.

Humans have binocular vision which allows us to see forward. Eagles have this too, but they also have monocular vision so they can see far sideways and slightly backwards. These two visions combined means they have awesome eyesight!

A lot of eagles are very powerful hunters. They use their large beaks and sharp claws to hunt for fish, snakes, frogs, other birds and small mammals!

However, some of the smaller eagles like the African vulturine fish eagle only eat fruit and insects. They don’t fly very far at all!

Eagles can live in every environment, except for in Antartica!

Most eagles live in Russia, Asia and Europe. However, the Bald eagle and the Golden eagle only live in America and Canada.

Every year a pair of eagles will have one or two eggs to look after. Some of the bigger eagles make nests out of sticks that are over 1 meter long.

The golden eagle’s nest can be as big as a car! A nest as big as this can be over 100 years old, and used by lots and lots of eagles over time.

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