The Squizzes website was developed following feedback from teaching staff that they would welcome a new and FREE online destination for themselves and their pupils.  A place where they could easily access quality information and resources to help with their lesson planning and delivery; as well as a safe, fun and relevant place for their pupils to visit during wet weather play time, reward time and after school clubs.

The Squizzes website has taken almost a year to develop; working in partnership with an established digital agency on the Central Office of Information roster for Government activity and experienced in creating educational and training resources and websites.  The content has been created and supplied by JazzyMedia, Government Agencies, specialist organisations working within the educational sector, charities and responsible companies.  JazzyMedia received regular input from teaching staff, pupils and parents during the creation of the website and will continue to encourage feedback, in order to ensure that the content remains useful, informative and relevant in the future.

User protection has been paramount throughout the development of the Squizzes website.  The Teacher Zone is password protected, ensuring that only teachers from registered schools can access the teachers information and resources; whilst the pupils section does not offer a chat facility nor does it provide links to inappropriate sites.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

We hope that the Squizzes website will be a valued source of information and resources for Primary schools.  Helping to make the learning experience engaging, relevant and fun.

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