10 things about Tim Peake

Tim Peake went to the International Space Station in  2015 and spent six months there carrying out scientific experiments! Tim was the first British European Space Agency astronaut to visit the Space Station.

Squizzes has collected 10 interesting facts about Tim Peake, read on to find out what language he has had to learn when training to go to space and why his six month trip to space is called Principia! 

1. Tim will be flying under the mission name of Principia. The name comes from famous scientist Isaac Newton who in one of his books explains motion and gravity. 

2. Tim will be launched from Kazakhstan and will be able to enjoy Isaac Newton’s favourite fruit - apples as supply ships arrive at the international space laboratory. One of his aims is to inspire children during his stay in space, in particular by promoting healthy eating.

Isaac Newton

3. Previous experience includes 18 years in the British Army where he flew helicopters as a pilot. 

helicopter 2


4. There were 8,000 applications to join the team that goes to space in December, Tim and his five fellow team members were the lucky chosen ones! 









5. Tim Peake loves flying, technology and cross-country running! 

6. Expedition 46 will fly six astronauts into space including Tim Peake.


7. This is the official patch of Expedition 46, the crew members joining Tim Peake are: Tim Kopra, Yuri Malenchenko, Jeff Williams, Oleg Skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin. 


tim peake underwater







8. The training Tim Peake has had to do to be ready for the launch later this year has included living underwater for 12 days, learning the Russian language and understanding how the scientific equipment works. During training Tim, along with five other astronauts lived underground and explored a cave in Sardinia. 


tim peake training space v2




9. It's really important to Tim that he promotes and inspires science and engineering as career possibilities in schools. 







10. One of the experiments Tim will have to carry out in space is monitoring his bone density before, during and after the mission. Tim will also monitor his blood pressure and take ultrasounds of various parts of his body including his eyes. 

tim peake training

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