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LEGO City Arctic Adventure Part 1 of 2

Watch the cool adventures of the LEGO® City heroes as they embark on a thrilling expedition to investigate and explore this harsh terrain to free artefacts and pre-historic animals from the ice.

WIN LEGO sets and Explorer School Visit

Enter LEGO® Arctic's incredible creative competition and you could scoop some amazing prizes for you and your classmates!

The Arctic Weather

Find out what the weather is like in the Arctic - brrrr cold!

Arctic Animals

Learn about the different types of animals that inhabit the Arctic.

Arctic Facts

Do you know what Arctic means? Find out all about the Arctic with our interesting facts.

World Oceans Day

To support World Oceans Day, we are looking at why the ocean is so important to our world and how we stop plastic pollution!

Reeftown Rangers Activity Sheets

Have fun with Splash and Bubbles from the Reeftown Rangers!

Reeftown Rangers

Help the Reeftown Rangers clean up our oceans by doing your part! Have a look at the different tips to find out how you can help!

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