Great Fire of London

Ever wondered what actually happened during the Great Fire of London? Well check out these brilliant fast facts and find out everything you need to know!

The Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane on September 2, 1666 and lasted nearly 5 days! A lot of London was destroyed in the fire.

The area had lots of warehouses and shops with flammable materials (things that caught fire easily) so the fire spread quickly.

Houses at the time were usually made of wood and there was only a little bit of space between each house. This also made the fire spread quicker.

There was a lot of damage to houses, businesses and monuments like St Paul’s Cathedral but only a few people died.

It took nearly 50 years to rebuild London after the Great Fire.

Londoners fled to the River Thames to escape the flames.

As there was no proper fire brigade in 1666, the people tried to fight the fire themselves.

One good thing to come out of the Fire of London was that The Plague was wiped out as rat-infested houses and streets were burned down.

Sir Christopher Wren planned the new London which cost £10million!

Samuel Pepys, a writer, recorded the events of the fire in his diary. He described the things he saw including how people escaped across the River Thames.

Fire insurance brigades were created to deal with future fires. People paid for insurance and their house or business had a fire mark placed outside to show they were insured. These led on to become the fire brigades we have now.

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