Donkey Facts

Here are some great facts about Donkeys that will make them your new favourite animal! ThinkstockPhotos-678771310

Donkey's are amazing animals that are used for working in fields but also to protect animals. They are much stronger than a horse of the same size!

They have fantastic memories, they can recognise another donkey that they might not have seen for 25 years.

Donkeys can be very cautious animals because they will become very stubborn if they think you are trying to put them in a dangerous situation.


Donkeys are more strong willed than a horse as they are not easily shocked and it also takes a lot of trust to train a donkey compared to a horse.

ThinkstockPhotos-537235060Donkeys originated from the desert and that is why they have such big ears. There ears is what keeps them cool and they can also hear from over 60 miles away!

Donkeys prefer warmer climates because they can not stay in the rain too long because they do not have waterproof coats.

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