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Thunderbirds Are Go

Watch the new trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go, you can catch the new episodes every sunday morning on CITV

Thunderbirds Main Spotlight

Thunderbirds Are Go Competition

Have a go at this fun activity sheet and enter the competition draw to be in the chance of winning some great Thunderbird prizes


Lego City Volcano Competition

Have a look at the fantastic prizes that you could win from the Lego City Volcano Competition! Check out how you can apply!


RSPCA Junior Compassionate Cooks Competition

There is still time to apply for the great cooking competition from the RSPCA see how you can take part now!

Volcanic Eruption

Different Volcanoes

Did you know there are many different types of volcanoes, take a look at theses fast facts!

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Space Specials

Have a look at all of our great space facts and activities!

Design A Habitat Spotlight

Design a Habitat Game

Play the fun Habitat Game, make your furry friends a home!

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