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Join four daredevil cadets-in-training Swift, Penny, Rod and Brody in high soaring adventures, weekdays at 5.30pm from the 7th of May, only on Nick Jr.


Simply design your very own Top Wing Vehicle to travel around Big Swirl Island for the chance to win a Nick Jr. toy bundle

British Endangered Animals

We are having a look at how we can help the endangered animals in Britain!

Cinco De Mayo

We are very excited for the Cinco De Mayo celebrations, find out why people have parties and parades!

Be Safe on Your Bike

We have some important facts about how to stay safe while riding your bike!

Female Inventors

To support International Women's Day, we are looking in to some of the wonderful female inventors that made products that we still use today.

The History of Fairy Tales

Discover more about you favourite fairy tales and how they became the most well known stories around the world!

Rainforest Facts

Learn more about the rainforest with our fun facts!

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