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Beat the Bullies

We have partnered with Zeamu again this year to bring this amazing competition where you could have your anti-bullying poster in a music video!

Zeamu anti bullying spotlight

Zeamu's Beat the Bullies

Would you like to take part in stopping bullying? We have a great competition for you to design us a anti-bullying poster!

prehistoric britain spotlight

Prehistoric Britain

Find out more about what Britain was like more than two and half million years ago!

RSPB spotlight

RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch

Are you excited to see how many birds species you will see during the Big Schools Birdwatch, read this post to find out everything that you will need.

Winston Churchill homespotlight 18

Winston Churchill Facts

Discover more about the famous Prime Minister and how he was such an inspirational leader!

world map1

Fun Facts about the World

Here are some interesting facts about the world that you may not know!

Screenwriting title typed with an old typewriter

National Screenwriters Day

Learn more about what screenwriters do and why they are so important for making a film!

rainforest spotlight

Rainforest Facts

Learn more about the rainforest with our fun facts!

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