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Beat the Bullies

Zeamu Music has brought us another great song from their new album! Beat the Bullies speaks of the troubles that you might go through being bullied! So have a listen!

Lego Police Main Spotlight

Lego City Police Competition

Do you have what it takes to be a Police officer? Have a go and test your police skills and be in with the chance of winning some fantastic Lego prizes when you enter the competition!

Barry Loser Main Spotlight

Barry Loser Competition

We are celebrating with Barry Loser on his new book in the wonderful series! To be in the chance to win a IPad and the Barry Loser books for your school, take a look at the great competition!

Ladybird winner bundle

Ladybird 'Big Bundle Draw'

Get your chance to win some wonderful books from Ladybird! From a wide range of books for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers!


How you can stop bullying!

Here are some great ways that you can stop bullying or if you are being bullied, some useful things to do!

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Road Safety Week

Have a look at all of our great activities from Road Safety Week! Take part now by taking the Road Safety week 'Brake promise'

Design A Habitat Spotlight

Design a Habitat Game

Play the fun Habitat Game, make your furry friends a home!

Penguins - Squizzes

Penguin Awareness Day

Take a look at some facts about penguins and their little tuxedos!

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