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Beat the Bullies

We have partnered with Zeamu again this year to bring this amazing competition where you could have your anti-bullying poster in a music video!

Zeamu anti bullying spotlight

Zeamu's Beat the Bullies

Would you like to take part in stopping bullying? We have a great competition for you to design us a anti-bullying poster!

Cartoon Christmas Santa and Reindeer

Christmas Fun Facts

Find out more about your favourite holiday with our fantastic facts!

Charles Dickens Christmas Carol Spotlight

A Christmas Carol Facts

Learn more about the magical book of A Christmas Carol!

Christmas Around the World v2

Christmas Around the World

How do people celebrate Christmas around the world? Find out here!

reindeer red nose with scarf

Reindeer Facts

Reindeer have one of the most important jobs at Christmas, learn more about these amazing animals here!

jungle animals spotlight

What animals can you find in the Jungle?

Do you know what types of animals live in the jungle? Find out some fun facts about where they live and what they do!

rainforest spotlight

Rainforest Facts

Learn more about the rainforest with our fun facts!

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