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Thunderbirds Are Go

Watch the F.A.B trailer now for the new episodes of Thunderbirds Are Go! Available every Saturday at 8:30am on CITV!

Thunderbirds Main Spotlight

Thunderbirds Are Go Competition

Want to win all of the amazing Thunderbirds prizes? Take part in our great competition now!

Main Spotlight

LEGO City Jungle Competition

Have fun in the Jungle with LEGO! This fantastic new competition could win you and your school some wonderful prizes, so don't miss out and download the activity sheet here!

jungle animals spotlight

What animals can you find in the Jungle?

Do you know what types of animals live in the jungle? Find out some fun facts about where they live and what they do!

Adventures with Bernie Bear Spotlight

Adventures with Bernie the Bear

Come take a trip around the world with Bernie the Bear! Find out more about different countries and cultures!

Donkey Facts pics

Donkey Facts

Donkey's are very stubborn animals but do you know anything else about these very interesting animals?

Penguins - Squizzes spotlight FP

Penguin Awareness Day

Take a look at some facts about penguins and their little tuxedos!

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