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Dork Diaries 'Crush Catastrophe'

Meet Nikki, the new girl at school who is always getting herself in to drama! Find out what is going to happen in the new book of the series!


Simply design your very own comic strip to be in with the chance to win some great prizes from Dork Diaries!

How to create your own Comic Strip

Need some helps on how to create your own comic strip? Have a look at some of our great tips!

International Women In Engineering Day

See why we are celebrating International Women In Engineering Day this month and get involved in their great competition!

Reeftown Rangers

Help the Reeftown Rangers clean up our oceans by doing your part! Have a look at the different tips to find out how you can help! 

World Oceans Day

To support World Oceans Day, we are looking at why the ocean is so important to our world and how we stop plastic pollution!

Reeftown Rangers Activity Sheets

Have fun with Splash and Bubbles from the Reeftown Rangers!

Rainforest Facts

Learn more about the rainforest with our fun facts!

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